Sunday, July 22, 2007

You Better Think... Think

Once again, almost done but there's still a little cleaning up that's needed. As I said in the previous post, the color scheme on this one is a little chilly and subdued, but that's not a bad thing. I also think that it's quite pretty. Notice the main two colors are the teal and the cobalt blue (blue with a very slight tinge of purple). I added a little bit of red into the flesh of the lips and nails, but only so that it doesn't look odd. I kept it toned down to keep the emphasis on the other colors.
I haven't been in a captioning mood so I'll save that for later. I can put in some text any time. Of course you are all free to participate. Go ahead! Suggest something! If you give me an idea I can work with, I'll deny that you helped me and take all the credit myself. On that you have my word.

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