Friday, July 6, 2007


Thought I would add a post concerning the "in between" stage. I showed the sketch and then the drawing on the canvas after I had spread "dip" on it. This shows a little bit more clearly what the underdrawing looks like. It's no big deal, just a drawing that's a little smudgy.
I often work on more than one painting at a time--it's both a gift and a curse. The curse is, of course, that I have a zillion unfinished paintings lying around that may or may not receive additional attention. It's a waste both in terms of time and of money. Art supplies are expensive! If someone buys a painting, they are not just supporting the time and money I spent on this one, but also the time and money of the also-rans that allowed this one to exist.
It's a gift because I don't ever get bogged down on one piece. If I have several started, I can sort out the best from the worst and prioritize which ones are most likely to come out like I like them. I want them to be aesthetically appealing and I want them to be engaging. I want people to want to look at them and I also want them to be clever. I wish there were a magic formula, but when you look at them, you know which a okay and which are really good.

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