Monday, July 30, 2007

Ci Vediamo

After the overall chillyness of the last painting, I decided that I wanted to be a little warmer this time. Orange and yellow predominate, though there is a bit of cobalt in the hair. Overall they are very happy colors, which gives the crying girl a less serious tone and helps us imagine that all is not lost. At least she'll be crying up a storm without worries of her tears freezing. It's coming along nicely and I have a feeling that I'll like this one very much.
This may be my last blog entry for a while. I've decided the flee the excessive heat that we've been seeing here in Greece for a small hill town in Italy where the temperatures are significantly cooler. I may make a few sketches while there, but airline weight limits being what they are these days, I'm unable to drag along a lot of painting supplies. Besides, who am I kidding. Do I really think I'll get a lot of painting done? Still, I may include a post or two about general art observations. After all, I will be in Italy.

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