Friday, October 19, 2007


So after going on about how brown was a terrible "pop" color, I go ahead and make a painting entirely in shades of brown. This one I wanted to make look a bit like an old sepia photograph. A comic book painting made to look like an old photograph...okay, it's a bit odd, I'll give you that. **shrug**
If your going to paint, especially if you paint things that people like, you're going to get asked for gifts. Just get used to it because it's inevitable. Me? I don't really mind and in most cases I'm happy to do it. Most of the times I try to personalize them a bit or make something the person would like. For wedding gifts (it's like they're disappointed if you don't make them a painting for a wedding present!), I've often done a couple kissing with a "they lived happily ever after" sort of caption at the top. This one was done as an experiment/gift. Gifts are good to experiment on. You can try something new and if it doesn't turn out absolutely perfect, well, umm, you can offer a refund? Anyway, this came out nice so I'm pretty happy with it. It's based upon a picture in an old "Girl's Love" comic and I kind of like it. Don't you?