Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Over Under

The next step is doing an under-layer in black outline. I experimented a lot with the best way to produce a comic painting, and it's just always worked out for me best if I do outlines in black before proceeding to add color. I suppose it's not a necessary step, but it helps me to see where the painting is going better.
People have often told me things like "gee, that kinda looks like someone." It's true that I often "base" paintings on the features actors or fashion models, but except for a Marylin I once did, I do NOT make them look like specific people. I don't want to be known as an artist who "draws famous people."
Also, for comic paintings to look good, the features have to be absolutely perfect. A slightly bulbous nose, a crooked mouth or oddly shaped face become very much magnified when features are stripped down to a very few lines. Only very few movie stars have such perfect features--Charlize Theron, maybe? Of course, beautiful in real life and what looks good stripped down to basic lines arent necessarily the same.
Anyway, this painting was based on somebody, even though in the end it doesn't really look like her. Care to guess who it might be?


Karo said...

Jessica Biel?

queteimporta!!! said...

i agree! that's jessica biel!