Saturday, January 26, 2008

M-Maybe I Shouldn't Advertise That I'm A Republican

Ever since the election of 1980, there appears to be a significant difference in voting behavior between men and women. It turns out that women are a bit more likely to vote for Democrats. Lesson learned? If you're wanting to schmooze the chicas, and unless you're at a pro-life rally or an evangelical revival, you're best off not quoting your favorite Rush Limbaugh witticisms. Dude, if she brings up the importance of universal healthcare and you're convinced it's a Hillary Commie plot? Let it go! Just let it go!
Sometimes I try to be too cute when I'm coming up with a concept for a painting and people stare at it for a while, give up and say "I don't get it." This painting stayed in a gallery for a little too long because there were just too many people who didn't understand it. Nobody wants to buy a piece of a joke that they have to have explained to them. The potential buyer usually feels foolish because they didn't appear clever enough and try to cover for this by saying that they got it but that it just wasn't very funny. The joke here is that Melissa, our heroine, is not too keen on Brad showing off in his tie his political preferences(click on photo for bigger/easier to see version). Eventually someone saw it and got it immediately, snickered and wanted it. Now it's sitting in an office of a lobbyist for a left-wing, hell-bent-on-destroying-American-values organization in downtown Washington, DC.
The caption is a little bit of a play on Roy Lichtenstein's 1965 painting "M-Maybe" that is in the collection of the museum Ludwig in Cologne (Köln), Germany. M-Maybe Lichtenstein, in turn, used some comic book art by Tony Abruzzo as his...inspiration?

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