Thursday, January 31, 2008

Did I Happen To Mention That I'm Fully Action-Posable?

Once in a while I'll get a really strange idea for a painting. I was watching some kind of commercial a while back and in it they used the phrase "fully action-posable" and I thought to myself, "gee, that can be take a few ways." I then had a vision of a Barbie© saying the same sort of thing and the idea of this painting was born. I was giggling the whole time I was painting it, though that means nothing. I often giggle to myself.
As an aside to all the very hard-working and not at all meddlesome lawyers at Mattel, any similarity with actual commercially available action-posable dolls is purely coincidental and I in no way meant to infringe upon any of your so very well protected copyrights. Ditto to Britney's lawyers, though she's not quite as action-posable as she may once have been.

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Shana said...

This one made me giggle too. Absolutely love it!